Style inspiration : Brown.

my outfit:
Inner Scarf Choco Brown ( Kaffah by Saturday Market )
Shawl ( unbranded )
Lumina Dress ( Mainland Heritage ) 
follow their twitter @mainlandher
Ankle Boots ( Zara )

i love my boots! :*

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  1. long live ankle boots!! :))
    *sesama pecinta boots*

  2. khaki and brown are the best

  3. love your shoes:)

  4. Permisi, cuman numpang mau ngeshare aja nih.
    ada info contest menulis artikel “Share and Feel OKI Printer Contest”.
    Hadiahnya lumayan nih buat teman” yang berminat, ada 2 buah printer OKI laser Jet (@Rp900.000) dan voucher belanja di anugrah pratama senilai Rp. 300.000. Info lengkapnya coba simak di

  5. Mbak Siti, can you tell me how to wear shawl like that? Or do you have any hijab tutorial which doesn't need pins but still fit and stylish? *no idea at all* *new hijabers* :)

  6. like to sess this


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