Kaffah Pattern New Series

Get ready for our 
"Kaffah Pattern New Series"

Available at MUSE 101

Price : Rp 100.000
Available Color : Navy, Maroon, Green & Black

Don't be left out!



  1. love your stylish hijab style !

    ps : do check my latest blogpost, I got a sponsored necklace which might be a perfect accessories for hijab style ! :D

    Journal J

  2. pengen kaffah polos belum keturutan, udah ada yg baru lagi :'(

  3. Salam
    Thank you for your efforts in showing the humanity of Muslim women
    Have you thought about giving dawah to people in the fashion industry and how it can be done? There are a lot of problems amongst people there, its as if people are crying out for islam there.jzk mA you do good stuff so why not extend it by sharing beauty of islam?
    "Upon his arrival into a new area he would successfully convert a large number of the youth into Islam. Many of which would cry profusely, their emotions overtaking them as they reflected upon the passing of their parents who died as non-Muslims. They would often ask the questions, “Where were you O Muslims! What took you so long to finally reach us after all these years!"

    Kind regards,

  4. http://video--mania.blogspot.it/


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