Thursday, June 28, 2012

style inspiration : simply soft blue

 my outfit:
Dusty Pink Kaffah Scarf & Nude Pink Inner Scarf ( Saturday Market )
Outerwear ( Una, follow @unastyletwit )
Jumpsuit ( Gaudy )

*Saturday Market is Available at Muse 101*

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when milk meet tea said...

Bagus ya jumpsuitnya.salam

Iphiet said...

you look so fresh, Kak :)) following you

nabila ariani said...

lovely soft <3

Andhika Lady Maharsi said...

Love this outfit, Siti.. :))

Qurratuaini Wajihah said...
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Qurratuaini Wajihah said...

Hi Im from malaysia and i adore you so much. can you please do a hijab tutorial on how did you wear the Pink Kaffah above? I do loooove that style!
<3 thank you.

Levia Marseila said...

love your style :)) keep blogging

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