style inspiration : Glamour in Red

 my outfit:
Red Kaffah Scarf & Black Inner Scarf ( Saturday Market )
Top ( Niks by The Thalassa )
Skirt ( Godet Skirt by Mainland Heritage, Follow @Mainlandher )

*Saturday Market & Mainland Heritage are Available at Muse 101*

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  1. simple but look glamour, cantik :)

  2. ini kalo uda dipake si eneng baru bisa kebayang mix and matchnya, love the godet skirt and the nicks :)

  3. kakaakk,mau tanya kalau foto pakai camera tipe apa???nice picture,plus kkny emang cantikk,,hehe

  4. kak, ada tutorial jilbab yg kaya gini gak? aku mau dong, buat dipake ke acara perpisahan, hehe thanks before:)


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