Monday, January 23, 2012

Reflection 2012, Malaysia

i met Hana Tajima!!
wow i was so happy :)

Meet Nur Alfah and Lily from Malaysia

one of my favourite blogger from Malaysia, Aishah Amin.

Yeay, Saturday Market goes to Malaysia... yippii..

Kaffah and Inner scarf from Saturday Market is now available at Lana's Store (Malaysia)

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Rizqi Amalia said...

wah keren,...:D
dipost juga yg ini,..

nabila ariani said...

wah congrats teteh :D

Gadis Gingsul said...

tahnia untuk saturday market smoga semakin sukses amien....wooowwww beutiful

SheisEgiyantina said...

Sukses ya siti for spreading Kaffah :)

iegha said...

wow! envy you to met Hanna... congrats for Sat Market ;)

aishah amin said...

It was so nice meeting you, i instantly recognized you from across the runway when i saw you! hope we can meet again in future events, insyallah:)


siti juwariyah said...

Thanks everyone....

@Aishah : yaa really wanna meet u again dear.... :*

amy roslan said...

hi! is it okay if i took some of your pictures to be post in tumblr? i link it to your blog though :-)

dedeRIRIN said...

waaaah... congrats for sat market..and u know ka'.. i'm so envy...u meet hanna tajima :(

Wawa Tasliman said...

oh hana tajima.. love her style.. :)


ka siti ketemu sama si alfa jugaa :D

Ammara said...

assalam my dear
thank you soo much for coming
so sorry for the improper farewell
will make sure itll be better next time.
was really honoured having all of you at reflection
will buzz u if we come to jakarta :)
see you next year for reflection 2013 insyaALLAH

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