Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony of Muti & Dani
Hotel Kartika Chandra , 24 April 2011


dayahdayah said...

could u pleaase make a tutorial of how to wear a shawl like u in this entry??

thanks :)

iegha said...

aduh itu scarf nya keren banged siy mba pakenya... love it ;)

Aning Ciptaning said...

siti, bikin tutorial hijabnya donk, cara makenya keren, penasaran, hehe..

oCta[cweTty}{BeardUt} said...

Siti,,,I love Personality of you ..Thanks for inspiration..

Sun Dry said...

The manager at this place and all other guys worked with us from the beginning till the end of our wedding. The food here was not just amazing, it was legendary.
wedding location venue

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