story to tell...

i just wanna share some stories for you,
i hope those pic can explain everything.
it's about my internship.
we work hard and play hard, haha!
it was started on feb and end on mei 2010.
and, Hey! i got new friends and a boyfriend, hihi... ;)

this is my last day, n we won't never stop taking picture.

we called him anis, he's the art director of this magazine.
he always make us laugh and laugh.

yeah, we went to carita together.
we brought a lot of stories from there.

okay here there are,
start from left: edo, reni, bunga, dana, anis.
above: hadi and mamet
but there are still one more left. it's adit, he's not coming to carita.
and not forget our cheif editor, rani,
she was there, but already had felt a sleep.

he's hadi. we'r both the internship poeple.

everytime and anytime. PHOTOBOOTH!!!

DATELINE!!! it was almost 1.AM,
but still photobooth never die. haha..

well at last, i got boyfriend!!
and there he is. haha..


  1. "the boyfriend is"

    kalo gak percaya check aj facebooknya....Rachmat abdillah erwin

    ato kalo mau liat blognya jg gak papa....


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